Welcome to Nepali Finder, the anti-capitalist streaming service owned by its users! We're not your usual streaming platform since our cooperative is run democratically by our employees, guaranteeing that decisions are made evenly and that earnings are dispersed properly.

With a library of movies, documentaries, and television shows that is continually expanding, we are passionate about presenting progressive and anti-capitalist entertainment. Nepali Finder has it all, including thought-provoking documentaries and daily news coverage, and it's all accessible to subscribers on desktop, smartphone, and smart TV devices.

Yet our dedication to being wholly independent is what separates us from other streaming providers. We don't have any product placements or commercials, and we've never taken money from venture capitalists or companies who support us financially. Instead, we receive all our funding from individuals like you who support our goal of creating a media landscape that represents and promotes 99%.

Join us as we create an established, worker-owned media network that questions the existing order and elevates voices that are all too frequently silenced. Join the community of people who are committed to bringing about a more balanced and just world by subscribing to Nepali Finder today.

Our Vision:

Our purpose at Nepali Finder is more than simply a few lines on a page; it serves as the inspiration for all we do. As stated in our bylaws.

  • Our objective is to establish a long-lasting, centralised, worker-owned communication infrastructure that really represents and promotes the working class.

  • We are dedicated to producing and sharing worker-owned, anti-capitalist material that is free from ads and extractive financing because we think entertainment should be a potent tool for social change. By subscribing to Nepali Finder, you can be confident that you are assisting a platform that prioritises the needs of viewers over financial gain.

  • Our dedication to inclusivity, however, goes beyond. We are committed to upholding inclusivity in all facets of our business, including the acceptance of employee-owners into our cooperative. This commitment extends to economic, cultural, ethnic, religious, and gender diversity. We seek to establish a workplace that is as varied and accessible as the content we produce because we believe that everyone's opinion deserves to be heard.

  • At Nepali Finder, we're dedicated to bringing about change rather than just talking about it. Help us construct a media network that accurately represents and strengthens the working class by working with us to make the world fairer and just for everyone.

We, Nepali Finder are not just any average company; we are a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to promoting empowerment within the local community. Since we operate on a cooperative model, our members are at the centre of all we do.

  • We totally endorse and abide by the seven cooperative principles of the International Cooperative Alliance because we firmly believe in the virtues of collaboration. Included in these tenets are open and voluntary membership, democratic membership control, member' economic participation, autonomy, and independence, as well as education, training, and information.

  • We support democratic member control because we think each member should have say in how we run our organisation. Everybody gains from our collective achievement since members have the choice to engage financially in our cooperation and share in our earnings.

  • We take pride in our independence and autonomy as a cooperative. Because we value education, training, and knowledge, we work to give our members the tools they need to be successful. Additionally, we value collaboration with other cooperatives and are dedicated to fostering such relationships.

  • Finally, our organization and the influence we have on the globe are very important to us. We think that by helping our members, we can bring about positive change for the good of all. Join us in supporting these cooperative ideals, and together we can create a more just and equitable society for all